Cashback in real assets and over 300 Cryptocurrencies in Italy

July 5, 2022
  • Cashback in real assets allows Vivid customers to grow their money while doing their daily shopping.
  • The new program starts in Italy with Crypto Rewards.
  • Vivid doubles the catalogue of cryptocurrencies to over 300 tokens.
  • Vivid Classes Crypto introduce customers to the world of cryptocurrencies with several courses and tests.

Berlin/Milano, July 5, 2022 – From the very beginning, Berlin-based fintech Vivid wanted to reward customers with cashback in real assets on their daily expenses so that they could take their first steps in the world of investing while they shop. Now, Vivid is making good on that promise and launching its new cashback program with real assets. First, all customers in Italy will have access to the all-new Crypto Rewards with access to over 300 cryptocurrencies. Other assets like stocks will be available soon. To make the start of Crypto Rewards as smooth as possible, Vivid is expanding the educational program “Vivid Classes” with specialised courses about the world of Crypto investments. Next to special offers, Vivid customers get 0.5 % cashback on every card transaction, while Vivid Prime users even get 1.5 % on every purchase.

Evgeniya Ignatenko

Over 300 Cryptocurrencies – a token for everyone
“When we launched Vivid two years ago, our dream was to let customers grow their money while paying their daily expenses. Unfortunately, our ambitious target wasn’t as easily reachable as planned. That’s why we are more than proud to finally introduce cashback in real assets – first for our customers in the Italian market”, says Evgeniya Ignatenko, Head of Product – Crypto. “We are happy that we can even start with the asset our Italian customers love the most: Cryptocurrencies. From low-volatile USDollar Stablecoins to mainstream tokens like Bitcoin, Platform tokens like Ethereum or even trendy tokens such as Dogecoin – thanks to our leading portfolio size, we give our customers the chance to choose the cryptocurrencies which suit their lifestyle the most.”

With the launch of cashback in real assets, Vivid is doubling its crypto portfolio from 150 to over 300 cryptocurrencies. Thanks to Vivid’s Crypto 2.0 offering in Italy, users have full power over their assets safely stored at one of Europe’s leading custodian providers, Copper.
The list of all listed cryptocurrencies can be found here:

Lowering the entry barrier for investments – with tools and knowledge
In addition to the new cashback program where customers can invest in cryptocurrencies while they shop, Vivid is also improving its suite of educational content.

Stephanie Luzon

“A year ago, we launched our first Vivid Classes, which allows customers who are totally new to the world of investing to learn about basic techniques and strategies as well as test their gained knowledge. Today, we launch our second set of Vivid Classes: Crypto classes. From fundamental questions like what are cryptocurrencies and how coins are created to differences and similarities to the traditional stock markets, customers will be able to make better investment decisions after taking the all-new Vivid Classes”, says Stephanie Luzon, Financial Editor and Financial Education Expert at Vivid.

“We at Vivid do not only want to lower the entry barrier to the world of investing. Giving consumers the tools to invest in any asset especially means educating them on how to invest responsibly and sustainably to grow their personal wealth”, Evgeniya Ignatenko adds.

The new Vivid Classes about the world of crypto are available for everyone via the Vivid website, and soon we will be available in the Vivid app.
Vivid Classes:

Cashback on every purchase
The current virtual Stock Rewards program, where cashback was linked to stocks without any real investments, will not be continued. From July 18th, 2022, every collected cashback will be rewarded in Crypto Rewards. All the Stock Rewards customers have earned before the date of transition to Crypto Rewards will be kept on the same conditions within the Stock Rewards Pocket until the users redeem them.  

Banking with Vivid is free of charge, and every customer gets 0.5 % cashback on all card transactions. Vivid Prime customers (9,90 Euro per month) even get 1.5 % cashback on every purchase. Additionally, Vivid partners with over 35 popular brands in Italy with up to 25 % cashback.  

Crypto Rewards will be rolled out gradually.

About Vivid
Vivid is the first financial service platform that combines all your daily money needs in one app. Whether it’s spending, saving, or investing – Vivid offers an easy, flexible, and transparent solution to grow your money. The company's mission is to provide their over 500,000 customers throughout Europe with a superior banking and investment experience and to offer a wide range of financial services (including savings accounts, multi-currency accounts and investments in stocks and crypto) without unnecessary fees. Vivid was founded in 2019 in Berlin and consists of an international, highly qualified team of more than 300 employees. Vivid has already raised over 200 million euros from renowned investors, including Ribbit Capital, Greenoaks Capital, and the SoftBank Vision Fund 2, and is valued at 775 million euros.

The Crypto 2.0 services are provided to customers by Supreme Digital S.r.l., an entity incorporated in Italy that is part of the Vivid-Group.

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