Vivid launches investments in Stocks and ETFs

January 25, 2021
  • Vivid now offers commission-free stock market investing in France
  • Users can make unlimited investments in fractional shares – starting from 0.01 € – and deposit them instantly on their main account
  • Unique combination of a bank account and investment product in one app.

Berlin, January 25, 2021 - Vivid, the first financial service platform that combines all daily money needs in one app, announces the launch of a new stock market investment feature in France. Vivid further removes the boundary between the worlds of banking and investing with the first integrated digital banking and investing application, offering real-time, commission-free investments in European and US fractional shares. With its goal to make investments accessible to the greatest number of people, Vivid offers its clients investments in more than 1,000 shares and ETFs from the US and European markets.

To this end, Vivid has entered into a partnership with the Germany-based broker CM-Equity AG, which enables the company to offer fractional and other investments and which will be the counterparty for each trade and responsible for the execution. Via CM-Equity AG users invest in an underlying share or ETF traded on an exchange. This new feature allows Vivid customers to invest easily in stocks and ETFs of world-renowned companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon for as little as one euro cent.

"We are delighted to enable our clients to invest in the stock market to make their money grow. To help them become familiar with it, we offer a wide selection of popular brands available with no minimum investment amounts needed. The possibility of making fractional investments  makes investing accessible to a large number of people," says Alexander Emeshev, co-founder of Vivid Money.

Vivid Invest offers a unique and unified value proposition:

  • Zero commission on equity and ETF investments
  • Vivid clients who wish to invest in US stocks only pay a currency conversion fee (EUR to USD) with a low flat markup of 0.5%.
  • Making fractional investments
  • Vivid customers can invest in a portion of a company share; this means users can start investing even with small amounts.
  • Clients can buy and sell shares directly from their Vivid Money bank account.
  • In-app customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • a Vivid Investment Pocket is opened quickly in less than 5 minutes and can be used for investments as soon as it is available

"We are delighted that Vivid is now working with CM-Equity, a partnership that will enable it to offer its customers the opportunity to invest in world-class companies. Our API-driven technical infrastructure allows Vivid Invest to scale, our experience in global capital markets to innovate and our regulatory licenses to build compliant and seamless working one-stop solutions for their investors." Michael Kott- Founder and CEO of CM-Equity AG.

Vivid is a next-generation mobile banking application for managing and growing your money. Founded in Berlin by Alexander Emeshev and Artem Yamanov, Vivid is designed to meet all the financial needs of everyday life while offering low fees.

Launched in June 2020, Vivid already offers a wide range of features, including:

  • A cashback program compatible with a wide range of retailers* allowing you to receive up to €150 per month.
  • A free metal Visa debit card on which the identification data is not visible and only available from the Vivid app.
  • Sharable Vivid Pockets (sub-accounts), each with its own unique IBAN for saving money for specific projects, including group projects
  • Support for more than 100 currencies

Vivid Invest will be available for all customers in other markets very soon.

About Vivid Money
Vivid Money is the first financial service platform that combines all your daily money needs in one app. Whether it’s spending, saving, or investing – Vivid Money offers an easy, flexible, and transparent solution to grow your money. The company's mission is to provide customers throughout Europe with a superior banking and investment experience and to offer a wide range of financial services (including savings accounts, multi-currency accounts and commission-free investments in stocks) without unnecessary fees. Vivid Money was founded in 2019 by Artem Yamanov and Alexander Emeshev in Berlin and consists of an international, highly qualified team of more than 180 employees.

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