MILES Mobility Car sharing as a new Vivid service

June 1, 2022

Berlin, June 1, 2022 – Today, the mobile finance platform Vivid announced the integration of carsharing directly into its app. The new Vivid Service comes in partnership with Germany's largest independent carsharing provider, MILES Mobility. Finding carsharing vehicles directly in the Vivid app is another step towards Vivid's vision of creating a Super-App for all daily needs, even beyond personal finances. Vivid customers will receive cashback on every MILES ride made through the Vivid app. The new Vivid service natively joins existing services such as hotel bookings, car rentals, and tax returns.

MILES Mobility is the first carsharing provider to be integrated into Vivid. Vivid customers can choose from the more than 6,000-vehicle MILES fleet depending on the occasion, from small cars to Tesla’s electric cars and vans. MILES operates in eight German cities and charges by the kilometer driven, in hourly packages or daily rates for up to 30 days, all of which you can now earn cashback on.

With the new Vivid service "Carsharing,” Vivid customers can find a vehicle directly and conveniently via the Vivid app. In the app, users simply go to the "Rewards" tab and find the new Vivid service right next to "Hotels,” "Car rental," and "Taxes". An interactive map appears in the app with all available vehicles around the current location as well as filter options and a search field for checking cars at any location. Vivid customers are then redirected to the MILES app to complete their booking. In the future, reservations and bookings, including locking and unlocking vehicles, will be possible natively within the Vivid app.

"The Vivid app should not only have an answer to all financial questions but also support our customers in other everyday challenges. Mobility plays a significant role in our daily lives - especially now that day trips and vacations are finally almost fully possible again. Therefore, it was quickly clear that we had to integrate a service such as carsharing on our way to the Super-App," says Alexander Emeshev, Co-Founder of Vivid. "The fact that we were able to partner with  Germany's largest independent carsharing provider, MILES, for our new Vivid service makes us more pleased. We are excited about where the joint partnership will lead!"

"We aim to provide our users with the most seamless access possible to a carsharing vehicle so that they can choose the right vehicle for their individual usage situation. Partnerships with platforms, even outside the mobility context, are an optimal addition to our own app. This makes it even easier and  more seamless for existing and new customers to access a vehicle," comments Oliver Mackprang, CEO of MILES, on the partnership.

Cashback on all MILES rides
All Vivid users receive 1 percent cashback on every MILES trip booked and paid for via Vivid. Vivid Prime users receive even 3 percent on every MILES trip, and Vivid customers who have never made a booking through MILES will receive 5 percent cashback. All cashback offers are initially valid for six months.

Vivid services are realized in cooperation with well-known companies. For hotel bookings, Vivid works together with the globally popular travel portal and for rental cars with The function for creating and submitting tax returns for Vivid customers in Germany is made possible together with the German company Steuerbot.

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About Vivid
Vivid is the first financial service platform that combines all your daily money needs in one app. Whether it’s spending, saving, or investing – Vivid offers an easy, flexible, and transparent solution to grow your money. The company's mission is to provide its over 500,000 customers throughout Europe with a superior banking and investment experience and offer a wide range of financial services (including savings accounts, multi-currency accounts, and investments in stocks and crypto) without unnecessary fees. Vivid was founded in 2019 in Berlin and consists of an international, highly qualified team of more than 400 employees. Vivid has already raised over 200 million euros from renowned investors, including Ribbit Capital, Greenoaks Capital, and the SoftBank Vision Fund 2, and is valued at 775 million euros.

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About MILES Mobility
MILES Mobility is the largest independent carsharing provider in Germany and charges based on the driven kilometer, not by the minute. Its offering includes kilometer-based carsharing, vansharing and rates for flexible daily rentals - all available in a stationless free-floating system. MILES believes in a world where mobility is shared, sustainable, and accessible to everyone, and its offering creates an alternative to private car ownership. The goal is to be part of the personal mobility mix and improve urban life.

The company was founded in 2016 by Alexander Eitner and Florian Haus and is headquartered in Berlin. In total, MILES is active in 8 cities, including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Potsdam, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn and Duisburg.