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Fintech Vivid launches in Portugal

  •          Vivid is the first mobile application to offer fractional, commission-free investments in US and European stocks in Portugal
 ●             Users can also invest directly in 50 of the most important cryptocurrencies from as little as 0.01 euros, selling and cashing out their money in a couple of seconds
●      Over 100,000 clients in Germany, France,Spain and Italy now use Vivid's products
Lisbon, 22 of July 2021 - Vivid, the financial platform, today announces its launch in Portugal. Following the Series B round announcement, led by Greenoaks with participation from existing investor Ribbit Capital, the platform is currently valued at 360 million Euro, as a result of the 60 million Euro Investment for expansion and product development.
Vivid launched its financial platform in 2020 in Germany, offering a single-app solution that aims to break down the boundaries between saving, spending and investments. The company strives to offer clients across Europe an outstanding user experience, helping to save money and make smart investment decisions with in-app financial education service. The recent Series B investment will drive expansion into key markets in Europe, as well as helping to build out the platform with more features. After only eight months, Vivid has also reached the milestone of over 100,000 clients in Germany, France, Spain and Italy.
The launch in Portugal will include Vivid’s investment feature which includes commission free investments in US and European stocks and investments in cryptocurrencies via financial instruments, offering investment possibilities in crypto assets such as BTC, ETH or LTC. Vivid is the only neobank offering investment access to fifty of the most important cryptocurrencies, as well as an exclusive free educational program entitled “Vivid Classes: in-app financial education”. This will include a unique set of articles translated according to the country to help users navigate, learn and make informed choices throughout their financial needs.
Our arrival to Portugal aims to educate our Portuguese clients how to grow their money, providing them with the right tools to invest in a wide range of investment products. We are the first financial platform to provide free online classes in Portuguese, so that our users can make educated choices. Vivid offers numerous options to grow their wealth without having to open separate accounts with different providers for each service. This way, they can easily start with stock investing and start to take control over their financial lives,” explains Alexander Emeshev, co-founder of Vivid Money.
Fractional investments in well-known companies from the US and EU
Vivid’s investment feature is provided in partnership with the German-based Investment Firm CM-Equity AG, enabling it to offer fractional investments to Vivid clients, among other things.  CM-Equity AG will be the counterparty for each client trade and responsible for the execution. Via CM-Equity AG, users invest in an underlying share or ETF traded on an exchange.
An in-app Investment “Pocket” allows Vivid clients to invest in stocks and ETFs of world-renowned companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon. And, for beginners and more experienced investors, it is possible to choose potential investments by sector or theme - for instance, Green energies are currently one of the main investment trends.
"Currently, millions of people are discovering the world of investments and stock trading for the first time. We want to make sure that these new investors are well prepared. With the comprehensive guidebook, which is constantly being enhanced by our experienced team, users learn about the stock market and what they need to know for trading. This should enable all users to understand investment processes better, but also to recognize opportunities as well as risks," explains Alexander Emeshev.

Investing with Vivid
●      Commission-free investments in underlying stocks and ETFs
○      When Vivid clients invest in US stocks, EUR is converted to USD at a live currency exchange rate together with a low flat markup of 0.5%
●      Investments through fractional shares
○      Vivid clients can invest in a portion of a company share; this means one can start with small amounts.
●      Clients can invest and sell their investments in stocks directly from their Vivid digital bank account.
●      In-app client service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
●      Quick opening of an Investment Pocket in under 5 minutes with the possibility to invest as soon as it opens.
●      Free knowledge database to learn how to invest.

Learn about cryptocurrencies for a safe investment
Alongside the stock investment feature, Vivid is offering investment opportunities  in cryptocurrencies. This allows users to indirectly invest in fifty of the most important cryptocurrencies, from as little as 0.01 euros. And for beginners, or users interested in learning more, the platform will offer free educational material provided in “Vivid Classes: in-app financial education”.
For the launch, the new service will offer investment opportunities in fifty cryptocurrencies at this stage including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Algorand, BAT, Cardano, Chainlink, EOS, Litecoin and NEM, amongst many others. Crypto investing  is available to all Vivid clients and will be further expanded in the coming months. Users can easily create a crypto pocket via their registered Vivid account and invest in currencies such as BTC, ETH or LTC. After creating the crypto pocket, Vivid users have access to a wide range of crypto offerings, including descriptions, historical market data and current buying and selling prices of each currency. Investors can follow the prices of the currencies in real time and plan their next investment steps based on this.
"We are very pleased that we can make investments in cryptocurrencies accessible to our clients – without high entry barriers. We also help our users become familiar with cryptocurrency investing and providing them with educational content and detailed information about each cryptocurrency and its historical development via our app. Trading is available 24/7 in our app, as is our chat support that clients can use in case they have any questions. With crypto investments, we aim to offer our users another option to grow their money even in times of zero or negative interest rates," adds Alexander Emeshev.

About Vivid
Notice according to § 28 section 1 of the WpIG
Vivid Invest GmbH offers the brokerage of transactions on the purchase and sale of financial instruments in accordance with § 2 section 2 no. 3 of the WpIG (Wertpapierinstitutsgesetz) exclusively for the account and under the liability of CM-Equity AG. Vivid Invest GmbH is recorded as “tied agent” of CM-Equity AG within the meaning of § 3 section 2 of the WpIG in the register which is kept by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The register can be accessed under
Vivid is the first financial service platform that combines all your daily money needs in one app. Vivid offers an easy, flexible, and transparent solution to grow your money. The company's mission is to provide clients throughout Europe with a superior experience and to offer a wide range of financial services (including savings accounts, multi-currency accounts and commission-free investments in stocks) without unnecessary fees. Just eight months after its launch in June 2020, more than 100,000 clients are already using Vivid's products in Germany, France,Spain and Italy. Vivid was founded in 2019 by Artem Yamanov and Alexander Emeshev in Berlin and consists of an international, highly qualified team of more than 180 employees. For more information, please visit

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